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For your health.

The best makeover is specially designed for your face alone. And it doesn’t make your face look like everyone else’s, either. It brings out your very own natural beauty and lets you shine.

Full ‘N Free offers that perfect makeover. For your health.

The Full ‘N Free Makeover addresses your individual needs and goals and bring out the best in your health. It’s a makeover that starts from the inside out.

After years of experience in health coaching, Rorie has designed the program that will get you where you want to go and keep you there. She knows that real change has two ingredients: individualized guidance and group support. The Full ‘N Free Makeover combines both. In this revolutionary approach to health coaching, your needs are addressed as an individual, while you have 24-hour access to support from other women just like you. In seven weeks, the Makeover helps you transform your health and your life for good.

During your startup session, you and Rorie will pinpoint your health needs and goals. Together, you will map out a personalized program for the next seven weeks – and beyond! You will have a weekly 30 minute followup sessions with a Full ‘N Free coach, where you track your progress, discuss and address concerns, and get inspired to stay motivated. Rorie and her coaches also work with functional doctors, endocrinologists, and other specialists and offer referrals when needed.

In between sessions, enjoy friendship and support through the FNF Family WhatsApp chat. This private chat is full of woman just like you who are working hard to create a healthier mind and body. Moderated by the Full ‘N Free coaches, this chat is a place to share recipes, ask questions and cheer each other on. You’ll get all the benefits of group support while following a completely individualized coaching plan.

All Makeover clients also have access to Rories personal FNF Family Instagram account for exclusive inspirational posts and a private biweekly live call with Rorie. This is a closed account that is only available to FNF makeover clients. The live calls focus on topics and Q&A geared toward maintaining a Full ‘N Free lifestyle. ( each live is recorded for 24 hours for later viewing). Most clients find this format one of the most helpful tools to really making full n free a sustainable way of life.

Beyond the sessions and support, you will receive the My Full ‘N Free workbook, full of information, Rorie’s essential FNF recipes, and a list of Rorie Recommended groceries and kitchen supplies.

Want even more? You can schedule extra appointments with Rorie or another Full ‘N Free coach anytime throughout your seven weeks and beyond. Plus, there is no graduating. Rorie and her team encourage clients to remain on the exclusive chat and Instagram after completing the program for ongoing communal support and connection to Rorie and the Full ‘N Free family.

Join us in attaining and maintaining a fabulous Full ‘N Free way of life!

Full 'N Free Makeover


  • 1½ hour startup session with Rorie
  • Six 30-minute follow-up sessions with your Full 'N Free Coach with private WhatsApp support between sessions
  • Exclusive Full 'N Free e-workbook/cookbook
  • Membership of the FNF Family chat, moderated by the FNF certified coaches for questions and support during and beyond your Makeover
  • Access to Rorie's private FNF family Instagram account for inspirational and educational posts and bi-weekly private LIVE with Rorie.

Additional 30-minute sessions during or beyond the seven-week program may be scheduled with your Full 'N Free coach for $45 or with Rorie for $85 OR for maximum success Rorie recommends doing a second  round of the 7 week program for a reduced fee of $380 which includes a 1 hour session with Rorie followed by 6, 30 minute follow ups with your coach.

Fine-Tune your Lifestyle

Do you lead a healthy lifestyle but feel like things could be even better? Have you or a family member been diagnosed with an allergy or food sensitivity? If you would like professional guidance and don’t need steady support in making these lifestyle changes, the Full ‘N Free Touchup is for you.

The Full ‘N Free Touchup is a one-time session designed to help you fine-tune your lifestyle to maximize you and your family’s health, whatever your individual goals may be. The Touchup is an opportunity to discuss goals, gain direction, and be inspired to live full, free and fabulous.

Sessions are offered in person or via phone or Skype.

Join us in attaining and maintaining a fabulous Full ‘N Free way of life!

Full 'N Free Touchup


Options Include

  • 1½ hour startup session with a certified Full 'N Free Coach/$150
  • 1½ hour startup session with Rorie/$250
  • Additional 30-minute sessions may be scheduled upon availability with a Full ‘N Free coach for $45 or with Rorie for $85.

Touchup does not include the Full ‘N Free e-workbook/cookbook, membership of FNF Family chat or private Instagram access.

For your health.

Bring your party or event up a notch with a cooking demo by Rorie or one of her certified Full ‘N Free coaches! Rorie’s Full ‘N Free approach to healthy eating bridges the gap between wholesome, healthy ingredients and delicious favorites. Have her or one of her coaches educate, entertain and inspire your guests to cook food that tastes as good as it is good for you.

The Talk ‘N Taste show includes cooking demos, information and tips for healthier living, and optional tasters. Health talks without cooking demos are also available. Plus for added fun ask about our exclusive INSIDE OUTSIDE MAKEOVER where Rorie and her sister Reva Weider @makeupby_reva pair up for a total make over where you can learn to glow from the inside and shine from the outside. Reva is the master of contour and enhancing your natural beauty without looking made up.

Talk 'N Taste

Prices vary based on
location and service

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