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When it comes to health, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The one thing we all have in common is that we are all unique! Full ‘N Free is not a diet – it is a way of life. It means making sustainable lifestyle changes without feeling deprived, revamping your kitchen to reclaim your health, and learning to cook great food out of real, wholesome ingredients. All my services are geared toward helping YOU live your healthiest life to the fullest! Click on one of the tabs below to get started.

A Life-Changing Program Designed for YOU

As a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I work with women to help them make sustainable lifestyle changes and reach their wellness goals. I believe in empowering every one of my clients to really listen to her body and to learn how to help it function at its best. I offer the information, guidance and practical tools it takes to make living full ‘n free work for my clients and their families.

Contact me for a free 15-minute evaluation conducted via phone or Facetime, where we can discuss your background and objectives. Let’s take the first step toward wholesome goodness together!



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Taking the First Step

Knowing you want to make a change is one thing...taking the steps to actually put things in motion is a whole other issue, and itʼs not always easy. Thatʼs why I love makeovers. The word makeover may conjure images of stress and frustration for some, but I see makeovers as a new opportunity and Iʼve always enjoyed them...in fact, theyʼre one of my favorite things to do!

Kitchen Makeovers help you take that all-important first step towards rearranging your kitchen to move towards a successful transformation. In even simpler terms...itʼs a great way to ʻget over the humpʼ. You want to cook and eat healthier and revamping and restocking your kitchen is a great place to start! Iʼll show you how to remove obstacles...and temptations...AND Iʼll help you create a nutrition-friendly atmosphere that makes cooking healthy a simple and hassle-free experience!

A Grocery Excursion is the perfect companion to my Kitchen Makeover. Weʼll hit the grocery store where youʼll:

  • Learn the tricks to deciphering labels to find the good stuff!
  • How to find tasty new replacements for unhealthy favorites
  • Discover the joy of shopping the full ʻn free way!

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Teaching, talking & tasting our way to healthy cooking

Fun, Informative & DELICIOUS!

Having the recipes doesnʼt always mean things go smooth when preparing the dish. For many, it takes a little instruction to become a confident Full ʻN Free chef!

During your cooking demo Iʼll share exclusive tips and tricks, as well as my list of “Rorie Recommended” tools and products that make cooking Full ʻN Free so rewarding!

I can conduct demos one-on-one OR you can invite a group of friends to your home...or to mine. Fun, informative and always delicious, my cooking demos live out my motto to teach, talk and taste!

My cooking demos are excellent for anyone, whether or not you follow a specific diet. Theyʼre a great opportunity to learn how to cook healthy food simply!

After my cooking demo, youʼll want to take advantage of my Kitchen Makeover program: a smart way to establish a nutrition-friendly workspace for cooking Full ʻN Free.

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