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Hi, I'm Rorie Weisberg. I am a certified health coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, creator of Rorie’s Oat Dough Mix, recipe developer and mom of four kids who love being my taste testers as I play in my kitchen! Through my own journey toward health and wellness, I’ve gotten really creative on how to make great food out of real, wholesome ingredients that keep my body happy. I love creating new ways to cook vegetables and healthy proteins to keep my dinners varied yet always full of whole, healthy foods. Producing full ‘n free versions of my family's favorites has become a challenge I love.


As a kosher cook, I keep experimenting with traditional Jewish recipes to make them lighter and more wholesome. That's how my gluten-free Oat Dough Mix was born. I wanted to make good challah that would taste delicious and leave me feeling satisfied without the unwelcome symptoms some feel from eating gluten. So I made batch after batch until I got it: the perfect, most versatile kosher oat dough out there. Today I use the mix for so much more than challah – it’s become a staple in my baking. Since then I’ve also perfected the most authentic tasting cauliflower potato kugel, a cholent that’s really good for you, faux noodle kugel, vegetable farfel and lots more.

No matter what, I believe that healthy food can be delicious and satisfying. Eating foods that make you feel good and keep you healthy doesn’t mean giving up on the foods you love. It’s my privilege to help others learn to live full, free and fabulous and to support them as they spread the joy of wholesomeness to their families.

Wishing you the best of health,

Rorie Weisberg

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I have a confession: I’ve had a love/hate (aka unhealthy) relationship with food for the last 35 years. So when my daughter told me I should get in touch with her nutritionist/food coach Rorie of Full N’ Free I was like, eh, she can’t tell me anything I don’t already know. But when your struggle is not only about the food you’re eating, and you think you’re so healthy but you’re still feeling hungry, cranky, bloated, starving, or never quite good’s time to take the holistic healing way and get help. What I love about Rorie is she’s not about losing weight but actually healing your body, physically, emotionally and mentally, freeing you from your negative and enslaving thoughts and helping you to become literally full and free and holistically healthy. I look forward to to this journey towards feeling good again!

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Sharon Langert

Fashion-isha, Springfield, NJ

Working with Rorie has been really transformative for me in all areas of my health, well being and eating habits. Physically, I have so much more energy, my skin has completely cleared up, I am no longer bloated, and have ended my addiction to sugar, artificial sweeteners and unhealthy foods. Emotionally, she has helped me heal my relationship with food. I no longer have bingeing episodes or guilt surrounding eating and food. She has taught me how to properly fuel my body so that I don't have unhealthy thoughts and negative feelings about what I am eating. I feel great and am so much happier! She is so supportive and available with amazing strategies and advice and has given me the skills to continue with her full and free lifestyle going forward.

Jacqui K.

Hillside, NJ

“I’ve worked with nutritionists before, but working with Rorie has been the most amazing experience of them all. She’s so communicative, it feels as if she lives just around the the corner! Rorie constantly texts me, encouraging me, asking for updates and making sure I’m happy, always providing tips to help me succeed. When I’m supposed to be eating my snack, she sends me a picture of the one she’s having. She’s give me all her recipes, which I’m making for dinner for my whole family! She basically wrote a whole cookbook for me on What’s App. You just don’t get that kind of genuine personal support from nutritionists. With other nutritionists I would have questions between sessions, so I was forced to ignore my concerns or guess at the answer. With Rorie, I just ask and I get an answer! I wanted to find that physical place of balance and Rorie has provided a positive lifestyle change for me. Her approach to eating healthy is different than any lifestyle I’ve tried before. I’m off gluten, sugar and other foods that weren’t doing me any good, and I’m committed to continue. Finally, I’m energized and I feel great! It feels so freeing!

Sarah Reifer


A while ago, my family started to eat healthier. Rorie came to my home for a kitchen makeover. She went through the food products I was using and explained how to read the food labels. Rorie gave me lots of meal plans and recipe ideas. She also taught me which substitutes to use for optimum health benefits. I really enjoy how Rorie is always coming up with new recipes. We don’t feel deprived at all – we’re just enjoying our cleaner, healthier life!

Chaya Freidman

The Kitchen Gallery, Monsey, NY

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