Oat Dough Mix

Because FRESH Bread Comes from the Oven, NOT the Freezer

Gluten Free Oat Dough Mix

My Gluten-Free Mix is the perfect blend of gluten-free flour that guarantees deliciousness without hassles. Itʼs so versatile itʼs revolutionary! You, your family and your friends will never know itʼs gluten-free...it tastes no different than the wonderful bread you pulled from your oven before you went gluten-free.

Donʼt do without one of lifeʼs most basic pleasures. Rediscover the joy of filling your kitchen with the aroma of home-baked goodness and serve those satisfying meals that create family memories once again Yes...My Oat Dough Mix lets you have your bread and eat it, too!


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Why Rorie's Oat Dough Mix?


So Versatile

Bake virtually EVERYTHING you want with one easy-to-use dough. That means challah, dinner rolls, garlic knots, sesame sticks, cinnamon buns, rugalach, bagels...EVERYTHING!


So Delicious

As one client so eloquently stated: “You donʼt eat this because you have to. You eat it because you want to.” And thatʼs not an isolated opinion. In a large-scale taste test 100% of those surveyed chose Rorieʼs over other comparable brands. People canʼt believe gluten-free baked goods can taste this good...until they try my mix.


So Simple To Use

I spent years mixing, tasting, eliminating the bad and discovering the good until I came up with the precise combination of gluten-free flours. Thatʼs the secret behind my Oat Dough Mix. Now you get all the tasty benefits with none of the hassle! Bake your favorites, dazzle your family and take all the credit!

So Generous

One bag of Rorie's oat dough mix makes 9 large rolls 14 dinner rolls, 10 hot pretzels bagels twists or sesame sticks, 7 individual pizza crust and even 3 medium Kokosh cake or jelly rolls.


So Thoughful

I know many gluten-free eaters are sensitive to oat flour in the large quantities found in commercial gluten-free challah. Rorieʼs Oat Dough Mix uses a minimal amount of oat flour, yet retains the halachic status of hamotzi,* making the Shabbos experience enjoyable for even the most sensitive gluten-free eaters.


So Compliant

*Halacha, the code of Jewish law, states that one must make the hamotzi blessing and eat a portion of bread three times each Shabbos. For gluten-free bread to qualify for the hamotzi blessing, it must be made of at least 51% oat flour. Rorieʼs Oat Dough Mix is made of only 55% oat flour.

Like all Israelis, my husband loves bread, so when we discovered that he had to start a gluten-free diet for health reasons, things got complicated! I tried making my own gluten-free recipes, having to keep five different kinds of flour to make the dough. My kitchen always looked like a powdery, floury mess! Then Rorie told me she was working on a gluten-free dough mix. Once I tried her Oat Dough Mix ʻN Make I was hooked! No more messy kitchen and multiple bags of flour: just one bag of Oat Dough Mix ʻN Make. Using the super easy-to-follow directions, I make the most delicious bread. Every recipe comes out tasty! Itʼs amazing how knowledgeable Rorie is! Sheʼs so full of ideas to help more and more people. Sheʼs an amazing source of information to the frum world. Whoever follows her advice sees that it works. Try it and see the proof for yourself!”

Dini Weinberg

Monsey, New York

I wanted to take a moment to Thank you. It has been about a year since My teenage daughter and I chose to make some lifestyle changes which includes the way we eat. Your product was introduced to me by my sister who was raving about how good it was and how easy it was to make. Every other time I "dieted" I would just eliminate bread. But this time was different. After getting some nutritional advise and guidelines from you personally for me and my daughter we began our clean eating journey which included your Rorie Oat dough mix! We started with the basic challah rolls. My freezer always has a stash available, as soon as my stock is low I quickly whip up another pack! Over the year I have gone on your website and followed your social media to get so many more ideas on how we could use the Oat dough mix. We make the pretzels, pizza, bagels....and don't get me started on the clean treats and desserts....biscotti, kokosh and cookies. It has been a year and my daughter doesn't feel deprived from snacks or desserts at all. Your really stand by your words on clean eating....it doesn't have to be blah and boring. Thank you for your product and for continuously giving us more ways to use it!

Dina H.

Cleveland, Ohio

I just wanted to tell you that I recently ordered your challah dough mix on Amazon and I am in love! My 6 year old son is strictly gf and I am most of the time gf! I have been making my own oat challah for 4 years now and it has always been a huge hassle. I'm always searching for a better recipe and none of them really tasted any good- and they all had sugar!! Making the challah was always a big mess and took a ton of time and effort. The first time I made your challah mix I literally had tears in my eyes how easy it was to make. I just made one batch and the process and clean up was so easy. Having a child in the house with many allergies (gluten, soy, dairy and peanuts) and another child with a sesame allergy is very hard and cooking is time consuming but I make almost everything myself for him. I feel like I never get a break from the cooking and even if I'm exhausted but we're out of challah that week I will stay up late Thursday night baking it. This challah dough mix has really changed my life. It has made just one thing easier and for that I am extremely grateful!! Thank you again for this wonderful challah dough mix and I can't wait to try the other things I can make with it!!

Abby S.

Chicago, IL

I started my baking business 3 years ago. Shortly after I was approached about the possibility of adding "gluten free" items to my menu I was hesitant but up for the challenge. I know in order to make a gluten free bread hamotsi it needs to be at least 50% oat flour yet at the same time there are many gluten free individuals who are sentisitve to oats even if they are gluten free. The recipe I had been using for the past few years was more then that and therefore not always suitable for everyone... my gf challah was successful but it wasn't quite what I had in mind. I wasn't able to get the golden crust, that high rise, or even able to brush them with egg and sprinkle on something simple like sesame seeds. My friend Dina suggested I follow fullnfree on instagram and I'm grateful that I did. The recipes Rorie shares aren't just healthy & look good. They taste great! The oat dough mix is a key staple in my home for both my family and my business. From challah rolls I can't make enough of for my customers, I even snack on them myself!!my Chocolate and cinnamon babkas I make using the oat dough mix are irresistible and I'm questioned if it really is gluten free since the dough is so unlike any other gluten free product. I make rories deli roll for my own family and for my customers and I keep one in my freezer , as well as the grain free/ no sugar banana muffins which are family approved!!

Naomi E.

Naomi E of "TGIF"

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