Our Team
I am Rorie Weisberg,
Health Coach & Founder

Rorie is a certified health coach through the Institution of Integrative Nutrition. She is the founder of full ‘n free, recipe developer, and the creator of her highly acclaimed full ‘n free dough mixes. Rorie is also a wife and the mom of four kids who love to be her taste testers as she plays in the kitchen.

Rorie’s journey began when she sought a solution to some troubling health problems. When she discovered the field of functional medicine, it opened her eyes to a whole new approach to health and wellness. As Rorie learned the power of healing through whole, fresh foods and balanced living, she made some dramatic changes in her lifestyle. The improvements she saw were so incredible, she knew her life would never be the same.

Rorie was driven by a newfound inspiration; a passion to help others heal and feel great through healthy living. After training as a certified health coach, Rorie’s new mission became a reality. Rorie started full ‘n free to help others on their own journeys to an amazing, healthy lifestyle.

As a health coach, Rorie establishes a personal connection with each client, and feels genuine concern and caring for the individuals she coaches. She believes that anyone and everyone can achieve a lifestyle that is full, free, and fabulous.

Rorie also developed a signature line of healthy dough mixes. The introduction of this latest innovation has helped even more people live a full ‘n free lifestyle while enjoying the deliciousness of high-quality, oven-fresh bread.

Jacqui Kimmel, Health Coach
Jacqui Kimmel is a certified health coach through The Nutrition School and a licensed physical therapist with 20 years’ experience. Her calling toward nutrition and wellness studies began when she worked with patients and witnessed how the standard American diet and poor eating habits can damage one’s health. In her own journey to wellness, Jacqui saw and felt the dramatic improvements she could make just by eating real foods that provide optimal nutrition. Jacqui’s healthcare training and nutrition training helped her see the underlying connection between physical activity, nutrition and wellbeing. It is Jacqui’s mission to help others learn how to eat real foods that nourish and heal the body. She sees each client as an individual, and provides each client with unique tools for optimal health and wellness.
Hilary Presberg, Fitness Coach

Hilary Presberg joins full 'n free with many years of personal and professional experience in the health and fitness industries. Hilary developed a passion for fitness through over twelve years of training as a competitive gymnast. Along with her athletic background, Hilary has developed a solid fitness education through a variety of training certifications. She currently holds certifications as a NASM Personal Trainer, TRX and Maddog Spin Instructor, and Precision Nutrition Health Coach. Since Hilary strongly believes in fusing passion and education, she is currently pursuing certifications as a Corrective Exercise Trainer and a Running Coach. Before joining full 'n free, her knowledge and experience was practically applied at The Tribe Athletics and Fitness, a cutting edge fitness studio she co-owned in Nutley, New Jersey until she moved to Boca Raton, Florida in August 2016. Hilary is often known for her enthusiasm about clients discovering their physical potential and achieving their fitness goals. She encourages all those around her to develop healthy, lifelong exercise habits that show a respect and appreciation for the human body. Her goal is to teach others how strength, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular training, and mobility, when incorporated properly, have major physical, mental and emotional health and wellness benefits over the course of a lifetime. When she is not in a gym, you will find her enjoying the outdoors and taking care of her six children with her husband, Daniel.

Adina Gres, Life Coach

Adina Gres is a certified life coach based in Los Angeles, California. As the owner of her own business coaching practice, Adina recognizes that an unhealthy mindset is often the only thing holding people back from the success they desire. As a life coach, Adina works with adults of all ages. She helps her clients achieve specific outcomes in their lives, marriages, and relationships. True to the principles of full 'n free, Adina believes that healthy beliefs, focus, and sound perspectives are the driving force behind a rich life, and the best tools to eliminate toxic behavior and decisions.

Adina practices on the foundation that clients can achieve their best lives when they understand the relationship between their own actions and life outcomes. She coaches her clients to help them grab the reins and take control of the narrative of their lives.

Adina's busy life includes being a wife, mother to four girls, and running a full time business. She is also a writer whose work has been featured in Mishpacha and Binah magazines, as well as local LA Jewish magazines. Adina enjoys working out and spending time with her family.

Renee Schechter, Client Liaison
Renee Schechter graduated the NYU School of Dentistry as a dental hygienist and has a Masters Degree from NYU in Health Education. She is also a wife, and the mother of three children. After a long history of wrestling with restrictive diets, Renee has discovered that real nutrition is more about saying “yes” to whole healthy foods, and less about depriving yourself in order to be thin. For Renee, the full ‘n free lifestyle opened the door to a new world of possibilities. Renee joined the full ‘n free team as a client liaison and she is our first-stop navigator for new clients seeking help. Renee enjoys the opportunities presented as client liaison; she is able to welcome clients into the full ‘n free family, help them select the right program, and direct them forward on the full ‘n free journey. Renee loves being a part of the FNF team, and looks forward to assisting every individual that reaches out to us.