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Certified Health Coach

Rorie is a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She believes that ingredients matter and that healthy food should taste delicious. Rorie combines her training in integrative nutrition and functional medicine with the principles of the Rambam and other Torah sources. She helps women make peace with food and their bodies, whether their struggles stem from digestive and metabolic issues or from years of yoyo dieting. Her passion? Helping women eat clean without feeling like they’re missing anything. Rorie’s signature enthusiasm has inspired hundreds of women to start cooking wholesome, healthy, and happy.


Certified Health Coach

Hi, I’m Jacqui, a certified health coach through The Nutrition School and a licensed physical therapist with 20 years’ experience. I have seen firsthand with my patients how the standard American diet and poor eating habits can damage one’s health. In my own journey and passion for nutrition and wellness, I saw and felt positive dramatic changes when eating real foods that provide optimal nutrition. My healthcare training and nutrition training combined allow me to connect the dots between physical activity, nutrition and well being. It is my mission to help you learn how to eat real foods that nourish and heal your body. I focus on you as an individual to educate you on proper nutrition and wellness to empower you to live an overall healthy lifestyle.

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