“As a patient, Rorie Weisberg faced many challenges. I was initially impressed with her desire to learn as much as she could about making healthy lifestyle choices that promote proper hormonal balance. I was even more impressed with the positive results she has achieved. Rorie’s approach is a healthy, innovative way to achieve and maintain physical wellness…one that I wholeheartedly endorse.”
Dr. Donald Zwickler, MD

MD at Endocrine Associates of Rockland County, Chief of Endocrinology, Good Samaritan Hospital

“You simply can’t argue with results, and as her functional medical physician I have witnessed Rorie’s progress in her own healing. Rorie has proven to me that her program works! I’m happy that she is sharing her living full 'n free approach with others, and I am confident she will positively impact the lives of those she coaches.”
Dr. Barbara Gordon Cohen, D.O.

Double Board Certified Family Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Adjunct Professor: Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

“The road to health, for many, can be confusing, especially when it comes to our relationship with food. As a therapist I meet many women who struggle with guilt and anxiety around food and food-related issues. Feeling satisfied can feel sinful; trusting themselves with food choices is so often assumed dangerous. Rorie helps people navigate the road toward healthful eating offering clarity and confidence, turning eating into a positive rather than painful experience through her skillful coaching process. I hope that her insight and wisdom will benefit many fortunate clients who seek to make food a deserved pleasure. I foresee people coming to thrive within the world of food they previously found threatening! Feeling full 'n free of the restraints of repressed eating is, as Rorie’s road has proven, a privilege we all deserve.”
Chani Juravel, LCSW

Counselor, Lecturer

“As a pharmacist who specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement, I understand how frustrating it can be for women to get their body balanced. The help that bioidentical hormones can offer is life changing. However, I always encourage patients to make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to help their body heal and achieve optimal health. Few doctors can spend the time educating patients on proper diet and lifestyle changes, let alone give them guidance on what, when, and how to eat, to really change their health. That’s what I love about Rorie—she fills in the gaps that the doctors and pharmacists cannot address. Rorie doesn’t focus on what to avoid, but what to buy, how to cook and what to eat. Rorie is intuitive, resourceful, and cares so much about the success of every client.”
Rosella Menta

Pharmacist, Rye Beach Pharmacy

“I have a confession: I’ve had a love/hate (aka unhealthy) relationship with food for the last 35 years. So when my daughter told me I should get in touch with her nutritionist/health coach Rorie of full ‘n free, I was like, ‘Eh, she can’t tell me anything I don’t already know.’ But when your struggle is not only about the food you’re eating, and you think you’re so healthy but you’re still feeling hungry, cranky, bloated, starving, or never quite good enough…it’s time to take the holistic healing way and get help. What I love about Rorie is she’s not about losing weight but actually healing your body, physically, emotionally and mentally, freeing you from your negative and enslaving thoughts and helping you to become literally full 'n free and holistically healthy. I look forward to this journey toward feeling good again!” Read my post about my experience with full ‘n free on fashion-isha.com
Sharon Langert

Fashion-isha, Springfield, NJ

“Working with Rorie has been really transformative for me in all areas of my health, well being and eating habits. Physically, I have so much more energy, my skin has completely cleared up, I am no longer bloated, and have ended my addiction to sugar, artificial sweeteners, and unhealthy foods. Emotionally, she has helped me heal my relationship with food. I no longer have bingeing episodes or guilt surrounding eating and food. She taught me how to properly fuel my body so that I don’t have unhealthy thoughts and negative feelings about what I am eating. I feel great and am so much happier! She is so supportive and available with amazing strategies and advice and has given me the skills to continue with her full 'n free lifestyle going forward.”
Reena Beane

Lakewood, NJ

"Like all Israelis, my husband loves bread, so when we discovered that he had to start a gluten-free diet for health reasons, things got complicated! I tried making my own gluten-free recipes, having to keep five different kinds of flour to make the dough. My kitchen always looked like a powdery, floury mess! Then Rorie told me she was working on a gluten-free dough mix. Once I tried her Oat Dough Mix ʻN Make I was hooked! No more messy kitchen and multiple bags of flour: just one bag of Oat Dough Mix ʻN Make. Using the super easy-to-follow directions, I make the most delicious bread. Every recipe comes out tasty! Itʼs amazing how knowledgeable Rorie is! Sheʼs so full of ideas to help more and more people. Sheʼs an amazing source of information to the frum world. Whoever follows her advice sees that it works. Try it and see the proof for yourself!”
Dini Weinberg

Dini Wigs, Monsey, NY

“A while ago, my family started to eat healthier. Rorie came to my home for a kitchen makeover. She went through the food products I was using and explained how to read the food labels. Rorie gave me lots of meal plans and recipe ideas. She also taught me which substitutes to use for optimum health benefits. I really enjoy how Rorie is always coming up with new recipes. We don’t feel deprived at all—we’re just enjoying our cleaner, healthier life!”
Chaya Freidman

The Kitchen Gallery, Monsey, NY

“I am a young lady who has done my share of dieting. I'm slim but was always fighting a few pounds. I've been to 2 "famous" nutritionists who gave me diet plans that were supposed to become a "lifestyle." I lost the weight counting calories and learnt to fear many foods that are super healthy while replacing them with bars and cookies that were officially diet. I was taught to constantly keep feeding my body to keep my metabolism going. But I personally didn't need reminders to eat. My sugar drops and shaking let me know my body needed food. I was surviving, but not living. Every night I would writhe in pain from a bloated stomach. But none of the foods nutritionists had me start and stop eating were solving my problem. Emotionally I was wreck as well because I didn't feel right. My sleep, blood sugar and hormones were a rollercoaster. I was just so fed up. I'm too young to have been feeling this way!

It was then that I discovered Rorie and her full 'n free approach...Her approach is about learning to love the body Hashem bentched us with and treating it properly. Rorie has researched the Torah approach to health and wellness and her program is based on principles of the Rambam...I started the program with Rorie's caring guidance and encouragement. She eliminated foods I had been eating for years and added lots of healthy new foods for me (some of which were considered no-nos on my previous diets). And what can I say, I am seriously a different person. The bloating, pain, blood sugar drops and shaking disappeared. I dropped my excess 'weight' in just one week and I have energy like I haven't had in years. I'm sleeping through the night and working out safely and smartly as opposed to harder and more intensely.”
A Recovered Dieter