Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can the Grain Free mix be used cup for cup in recipes that call for white flour? Potato Starch? Or Almond Flour?

    The grain free mix can be substituted cup for cup in any recipe that calls for almond flour. It will produce a more optimal outcome. Many white flour recipes can be replaced by the grain free mix but not necessarily cup for cup. Often times amounts have to be adjusted. The mix can not be used cup for cup in potato starch recipes. Starch based recipes are usually made with more eggs and the proportions would have to adjusted for the grain free mix. Rather than guessing head over to the grain free recipe section for a huge collection for recipes developed specifically for the mix by expert baker Naomi Elberg.

  2. What Bracha do I make on the products baked using the mixes?

    While all halachic questions should be directed to your Rabbi, the Rorie’s Original Gluten Free Oat Dough Mix, Rories Low Carb Gluten Free Oat Dough Mix and the Egg Free Spelt Mix are Hamotzi.
    Rorie’s Gluten and Grain Free Dough Mix is Shehakol. Certain baked goods made with the Hamotzi mixes, such as mandelbread or chocolate chip cookies, are mezonos

  3. What size should a roll be to wash?

    According to the Halachic ruling of our Rabbi, a roll has to be a kezayis to wash, make a bracha, and Bentch. A kezayis is a roll that is 2 oz. after being baked, or 2.2 oz raw. In order to ensure that your baked roll is 2 oz, use a piece of dough that is a minimum of 2.2 oz before baking.

  4. Are the mixes available outside of the United States?

    As of now the answer is no. You can find a list of locations that carry my mixes on my website. However if you are not in one of these locations, you can order the mixes on Amazon or at the full 'n free store right on the website.

  5. I have heard that there are bakers that sell your baked goods. What is your affiliation with them?

    There are bakers and bakeries that use my mix to bake gluten and grain free products. However, full 'n free has no affiliation with these bakers and cannot vouch for the ingredients they use or the hashgacha of their products.

  6. What is the difference between the Original Gluten Free Mix and the Low Carb Gluten Free Mix?

  7. Is the Grain and Gluten Free Mix also low-carb?

    Yes! With no grains, and only 8 grams of carbohydrates, it’s even lower carb than the low-carb mix! This bread is not hamotzei; the bracha is shehakol.

  8. How is your Spelt Mix different than other spelt flour products I can purchase?

    The spelt flour in Rorie’s mix is combined with coconut flour, which makes the bread moister and higher in fiber than typical spelt bread. As a result, your spelt-challah will not dry out quickly after cutting, the way that most spelt breads do. Additionally, this recipe is unique in that it can be prepared egg-free.

  9. Which mixes can I use if I’m allergic to nuts?

    If you have a nut allergy, both the Original Gluten Free Mix and the Spelt Mix can work for you. Neither contains nuts.

  10. Which mixes can I use if I’m allergic to eggs?

    The Low Carb and Grain-Free mixes contain egg white protein powder, so they should be avoided if you have an egg allergy. You can use the Original Gluten Free or the Spelt Mix. When you prepare the dough, replace the eggs with a “flax egg” mixture.

    To prepare a “flax egg” mixture:
    Combine 1/3 Cup Golden ground flaxmeal, 1/3 Cup water, and 2 Tablespoons of applesauce
    The flax egg mixture replaces the equivalent of 2 eggs.