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True fitness is about developing a body that moves well, choosing exercises that are meaningful and enjoyable, and generating a mind-body connection. Our unique coaching program will teach you to tap into your body’s natural rhythms and develop exercise routines that leave you feeling energized and empowered. While the fitness industry pursues weight loss and reshaping your body as its primary goals, at full 'n free fitness, we pursue overall health and wellness, forging new paths to confidence, courage and self-care.

  • With our 4-session fitness program, you’ll work with a fitness coach, not a fitness instructor. We respect your body and help you learn to tune into your body’s signals when choosing workouts.
  • We’ll help you to find exercises that feel natural, are empowering, and express your true self.
  • We’ll guide you as you develop fitness routines that work with your lifestyle and build more movement into your everyday activities.
  • We’ll help you discover your strengths and improve in areas of weakness without leaving you depleted.
  • Your fitness program will help improve your overall health and wellbeing, reduce stress, and stay inspired to keep moving!

full 'n free fitness

One hour getting-to-know-you and goal setting session

Price $310

*Additional follow-up sessions are available and may be booked separately

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