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Empowering you with the knowledge and practical tools you need to take charge of your health.
Empowering you with the knowledge and practical tools you need to take charge of your health.
Hi! I'm Rorie.

I’m a busy mom and recipe developer who loves creating delicious meals out of ingredients that love you back.
I grew up in three different kitchens. With my Hungarian Grandma, I baked kokosh and krémesh. With my crafts-loving Bubby, I got messy making up wacky food combos. At home, Mom cooked and baked everything… except for challah. I was the official family challah baker from my very first batch. I even stocked up an entire freezer with enough challah to last my family my entire seminary year.
I got married and dove right into cooking with all the family recipes I cherished.

But as my own family grew, thank G-d, so did the list of foods
that didn’t seem to agree with me.

After my fourth pregnancy, aside from having digestive discomfort, I was lethargic and achy more often than I felt well. It became harder and harder to get through the day and be present for my kids.
Doctors offered to manage my symptoms. But I wanted to resolve the root cause, not just suppress the effects.
I spent months researching and finally uncovered the truth: the way we treat our bodies matters, and when we ignore our bodies’ whispers, they start to scream.
I decided to take the plunge and make some real, consistent lifestyle changes that could hopefully restore my health and energy. It was hard to break out of my comfort zone. But soon I saw such amazing change that I was motivated to keep it up.

There was
just one
There was just one problem

I was getting sick of eating the same healthy food all the time.
I desperately missed muffins, ice cream, biscotti, and all the other good stuff that filled up my plate and tickled my palate.
Although popular health blogs introduced me to new ingredients and cooking methods, they couldn’t teach me how to still enjoy the traditional kosher style foods that were familiar to me. I dreamed of a Shabbos meal that felt like Shabbos and a Yom Tov meal that felt like Yom Tov.
I had to find a way to cook the foods I loved so that they would love my body back.

So I took to playing in my kitchen.

With a prayer on my lips, I dug into my innate creative talents and the skills I learned from my grandmothers.
Failed recipes became a regular part of my life. But eventually, so did really, really good ones.
I learned to dance around the ingredients I couldn’t tolerate. I swapped out flour, margarine, soy sauce, sugar and more with better-for-me alternatives. I also learned to incorporate ingredients that promote healing and wellness.
But what about the challah?
The frozen challah rolls from the health food store just didn’t cut it.

I wanted fresh, aromatic bread straight out of the oven.
It took six months, but finally, I surfaced from my kitchen lab, coated in flour of all kinds, dripping with the dough of dozens of failed recipes – and triumphant.
Because I had developed one gluten free oat challah recipe that was an absolute winner.
My menu was at last full and free of the foods that didn’t serve my body. Shabbos felt like Shabbos, Yom Tov felt like Yom Tov – and I felt like the healthy, energetic person I wanted to be.

I was so grateful for my new life that I wanted -
no, needed - to give back.

I had to help other women achieve a freeing, fulfilling, and dignified way of life.
I went to school and became certified in integrative nutrition. I started working with women one on one and in groups.
And of course, all the women begged me for recipes.
That had been my biggest struggle, so I was thrilled to share everything I had.
When it came to my bread and challah recipes, though, everybody balked. No one wanted to sift and blend small amounts of seven different hard-to-find dry ingredients.

When a few people asked me if I could sell a prepared mix, my Gluten Free Oat Dough Mix was born, made by me and my staff of little gloved helpers – a.k.a. my kids – in my dining room. Thank G-d, the demand grew quickly, and with sighs of relief, the mix production was moved to a proper manufacturing facility.
But my recipe development was really just beginning.
As my practice and social media platform grew, I became more in tune with the needs of people with digestive, metabolic, and hormonal challenges.

I realized that lots of my clients needed
something with an even lower carb load.

That motivated me to create my Low Carb and Grain Free mixes.
There were also people who didn’t need to go gluten free but wanted a healthier alternative to white flour- and sugar-filled challah. My Spelt Dough Mix, which turns out super fluffy, egg free challah that looks and tastes just like the traditional wheat flour version, became their solution.
And after I became a spelt sourdough aficionado, that same mix became the backbone of my method for the most gut health-friendly bread I have ever met.
I never dreamed that this family challah baker would use her passion to ensure that everyone out there can enjoy homemade challah that makes them feel full and free.

Today, I'm finally cooking the foods I and my family always wanted to eat.

Yummy foods that we can all dig into together. Foods that look and taste familiar – even decadent – like pancakes, cookies, and grain-free breaded schnitzel. They just happen to be made with purely wholesome ingredients.
I want you and your family to be able to eat that way, too.
Each of my mixes, recipes and courses are a labor of love. They are the products of years of testing, tasting, tweaking and perfecting. They are the product of the journey that I’ve taken, that my family has taken.
The product of a journey that I am so excited to be able to share with you and yours.
I can’t wait to hear where they take you.

Wishing You the Best of Health
Join My Journey
Sharing the revolutionary power of nutrition is incredible and gratifying. The messages I broadcast through lectures, social media, Kosher.com, Mishpacha magazine and my website educate the community to make responsible, self-nourishing choices that easily mesh with their lifestyle. My constantly growing collection of healthy recipes and line of Full ‘N Free dough mixes and baking essentials enable people to make the foods they love with ingredients that love them back.

Each day is another step along the journey to wholesome. Join me in taking care of your body so you can have the vitality you need to maximize your potential.
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