Egg Free Spelt Dough Mix


Rorie’s Spelt Dough Mix is a healthier option that has the look, feel and taste of white flour. Spelt is easier to digest and is perfect for those with sensitivity to wheat or an egg allergy. The Egg-Free Spelt Dough Mix results in a bread that is white, golden, and fluffy. Spelt flour can be hard to work with but Rorie has produced a blend that will fool you. Enjoyed by kids and adults alike, you will never be able to tell that wheat, sugar and eggs are missing.


Rories spelt dough  mix is perfect for those with sensitivities to wheat or eggs. Or anyone looking for a lower gluten bread made with wholesome unrefined ingredients that still looks and feels like the “real deal”. Plus this dough mix is so easy to make. No punching down and long ride time. 

This versatile dough, mixes shapes and bakes just like regular dough. It can also be used to make pretzels, pizza crust, or any other bread product. 

PLUS if you’re looking for a fill proof spelt sourdough this is the product that makes it dough-able. Click here to go to the sourdough course.


  • Non-GMO white spelt flour
  • Coconut flour
  • Sea salt

Allergy information:

Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts and soy

Certified Kosher By Harav Binyomin Gruber

Birchas Hamotzi.
Sweet baked goods made with this mix is Birchas Mizonos.

Consult your local Rabbi for kizayis measurements.


Hafrashas Challah For Rorie’s Dough Mixes

1 bag dough mix = No challah is taken

2+ bags dough mix = Challah is taken with a Bracha

Weight 2.73 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3.8 × 9.5 in

1 Bag, 1 Case (includes 6 bags)


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