spelt sourdough faq's


1Why do I need 2 products? Why can’t I feed my starter your spelt mix or just use the spelt flour for both starter and the flour for the dough recipes?
2Why does my spelt starter have such a strong unpleasant odor?
3Is starter muktza? What do I do with it over Shabbos?
4After a few feedings I’m noticing that my starter is getting thinner. Is this ok? If not what should I do?
5I’ve been feeding my starter for over a week. Before the next feeding I have tons of bubbles but the starter isn’t fully doubling in size. How do I know when it’s ready to become an established starter that I can refresh and use to bake?
6Im building a new starter, what do I do if I missed a feeding !? Do I have to start over?
7Why don’t I remove some starter before each feeding like I have when making wheat starter?
8I don’t understand how I’m suppose to have enough starter to last for years if I’m always taking out starter from my original jar and using it for dough. I’m going to run out after a few months.
9How do I know when my starter is “established” and ready to be refreshed to use for making dough?
10My friend and I started a starter at the same time. Hers is already active. Mine isn’t. What did I do wrong?
11You said that in order to transfer a wheat starter to spelt you have to refresh 3 times before using it to bake. If I don’t mind mixing wheat with spelt can I just feed the wheat starter your spelt flour once and then use it to make spelt dough.
12If i want to share starter with my friend and send it. How long can it be left out of the fridge before it goes bad?
13Is it normal for my starter to get thick when it’s been sitting in the fridge?
14Even with adding back what’s left in my jar after each time I refresh starter I’m running low. What can I do to make more?
15I don’t bake often but even after pouring out the hooch my starter smells so sour. Is there anything to do about it?
16I’ve noticed that over time my starter and dough are getting more sour. Is there anything I can do to make it taste better?
17Im having a hard time with sourdough because I have a very busy schedule. Is there any way to make the process more predictable? I really don’t have the lifestyle that allows me to babysit my dough.
18Is spelt sourdough gluten free?
19Can you make sourdough bread using your gluten free or low carb gluten free mixes?
20I refreshed my starter and it was bubbly and grown to more than double in size. I wasn’t ready to bake so I left it and came back an hour later and the starter fell. Can I still use it to bake?
21How much dough do I take hafrashas challah on?
22Can I make the multi purpose dough by hand?
23Why do I have to add oil to the multi purpose dough and why only on the outside? Can’t I just add it when I add the flour?
24The multi purpose recipe calls for honey, can I leave it out?
25Can I add flour to help me work with the dough?
26How do I know when my multi purpose dough is ready to shape? You say to let it rise for 10-22 hours, that’s a huge range how will I know when it’s time?
27Can I shape a multipurpose spelt sourdough into loafs?
28What is a cold ferment? How can I utilize this method to make multi purpose dough baking easier?
29When I uncover my tented multi purpose spelt sourdough rolls they look fluffy and high but once I dust and score them they deflate. What am I doing wrong?
30I did my first 2 stretch and folds and left my dough to ferment for 8 hours but it hasn’t fully doubled in size. Should I move on to the next series of stretch and folds or wait for it to grow more?
31Can I leave my sourdough loafs covered in the fridge for more than 12 hours before baking?
32I’m having trouble transferring the artisan loaf into my Dutch oven pot. How can I have an easier time?
33Do I have to wait till the oven temperature is fully lowered before putting the uncovered pot back in?
34Can I slice my artisan loaf right after it comes out of the oven? How important is it to wait for it to rest?
35Can I freeze both the baked multi purpose baked goods and artisan loafers?
36What’s the best way to defrost baked goods?
37If I want to make discard recipes but I don’t have enough starter in my fridge can I just feed and refresh some starter and use the active starter in discard recipes?