Rorie’s workshops and cooking demos are entertaining and informative.

Her dynamic presentations enhance any health-focused event, from parties to school events to fundraisers.

Rorie offers workshops on a number of health and self-care-related topics. She can also customize her presentation to your topic of choice.

Here are just a few of the workshop topic options:


I: Make Healthy Happen

Rorie empowers moms to create healthy foods and attitudes and helps raise awareness of how the way they talk about their own food and bodies affects their kids.

Rorie teaches moms how to shop smart, cook smart, and plan ahead, while most importantly keeping it all positive.

II: Turn Your Fridge into a Pantry

We love pantry food because it’s easy. But fridge food is really what satisfies.

Turning your fridge into your pantry is a Full ‘N Free mindset that transforms the way we think about food prep and eating on the go. Get an insider’s take on what really goes on in this popular health coach’s kitchen and tips on how to make it happen in your kitchen, too.

III: The Myths We’ve All Been Fed

More confusing than that 6-syllable ingredient in your diet bar is the overwhelming amount of conflicting diet fads and rules we’ve been fed. Is it any wonder that nobody can figure out what’s actually healthy?

This workshop lays all the cards on the table, offering clarity, balance and the tools to challenge old beliefs.

IV: Meet Your Hunger Hormones

What happened to eating a full meal and feeling, well, full?

That gnawing, empty feeling of always hungry is actually a hormone-induced sensation. Our food choices and behaviors stimulate the production of hormones that cause hunger pangs, weight gain, and poor health.

Meet some hormones you should know about and learn what they do and how to keep them working for you instead of against you.

V: Are You “Cue-less”? Drop the Weight Scale and Focus on the Hunger Scale

We are all born with the innate ability to eat when we are hungry and stop when we have had enough.

In this life-changing workshop, Rorie will give you a taste of the incredible freedom that comes from tuning in to your body’s individual needs and nourishing yourself from a place of knowledge and confidence.


What are you really hungry for? The only hunger you can overcome with food is a hunger for food.

In this workshop, Rorie breaks down the reasons we may eat when we’re not hungry. She explains why eating when we’re “cue-less” is not satisfying,and what happens when we try to fill our non-food hungers with food.

Freedom is the ability to make choices. This workshop delivers a powerful method to achieve that freedom.

VII: Cooking Demo

As Food Fight 2018 champion and health ambassador of Kosher.com, Rorie shows thousands of viewers how to cook foods that love them back. Bring the excitement and deliciousness of Full ‘N Free cooking to your next event live!

Fun, interactive and practical, demos are an opportunity to watch Rorie prepare signature mouthwatering dishes that fill you up with only good stuff. Plus, you can get tips on ingredient swapping, food prep and/or nutrition during your demo upon request.

Customized workshops are also available upon request.