Full ‘N Free Transformation


The Full ‘N Free Transformation course engages women in a new experience with their food, eating and body, creating balance, independence and satisfaction.

In this 4-week course, Rorie will present the foundations of living Full ‘N Free.

✔ Break free from the diet myths we’ve all been fed
✔ Meet your hormones and learn how they affect your hunger, mood, and weight
✔ Understand the science behind nutrition and why “ingredients matter”
✔ Learn which ingredients to swap and how to revamp the way you cook and feed your body
✔ Become aware of your body’s cues for hunger and satiation
✔ Begin to tap into your innate wisdom and make conscious, mindful and independent choices
The course is designed to enable each member to process and implement the information slowly, in a deep and personal way. The Full ‘N Free workbook and homework assignments serve as valuable support between classes and solidify new concepts to create new behaviors. A portion of each class will be devoted to sharing weekly progress and answering questions.

The Full ‘N Free Transformation course can be experienced live and virtually. Each month the course will alternate locations to accommodate different schedules. There will also be a monthly virtual class streamed live via ZOOM so virtual participants from anywhere in the world can participate. Class recordings are available upon request for participants who need to miss a session.

The Full ‘N Free Transformation course includes:

✔ Four live or virtual 2-hour classes with Rorie
✔ Full ‘N Free workbook mailed to your house
✔ Daily food log
✔ Rorie Recommended grocery list
✔ Rorie’s exclusive Full Plate cookbook
Private sessions are available upon availability for class participants after completing the course.

Full ‘N Free Transformation course price: $500

Course Locations

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