food you love
that loves you back

Your traditional favorites.
Doable. Delicious. Transformed.

Since 2015, Rorie Weisberg, CHC, recipe developer, health columnist, and founder of Full ‘N Free, has been showing the kosher community how doable and delicious it is to enjoy the foods we love with ingredients that love us back.

Now, Rorie’s packed it all into a book that you’ll turn to again and again.

Food You Love transforms all your traditional favorites. Pancakes for breakfast, pizza for lunch, schnitzel for dinner. Brisket, kugel, and cholent for Shabbos, along with dips, enticing salads, and loads of veggie sides, topped off with chocolate mousse and cookie crumble.
You’ll enjoy every bite and leave the table feeling full, energized, and confident that you’ve served and savored only the best.

Crack open this book to discover:

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Over 200 recipes made with wholesome, easy-to-find ingredients including many gluten free, nut free, and kosher for Passover recipes


Rorie’s favorite prep + menu planning tips, sample menus, and kitchen essentials to set you up for tried and tested success

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Mouthwatering photography by Sara Goldstein for a coffee table-worthy experience


Scannable QR codes that bring Rorie’s shopping, prepping, and cooking to life as an interactive cooking companion

It’s a journey you’ll never believe is good for you —
but it might be the best one you’ve ever taken.

Familiar taste, look, and ingredients.
You don’t need to rearrange your palate or ingredient list if you want to enjoy healthy food. Most recipes are for dishes you make already, using ingredients you have – or that you can easily find in your local grocery. (You’ll also find dazzling gourmet dishes for special occasions, when the adventure and splurge are worth it.)
Your got-it-all kitchen companion.

Satisfying salads and chocolate fudge pops. Weeknight barbecue how-tos and succulent standing rib roast. Pizza and donuts. They’re all part of your life, and with Food You Love, they can and will love you back.

Good for you, on your terms.

Healthy means something different for everyone, especially if you need to avoid certain ingredients. Many recipes offer a few variations, like gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free, and even refined sugar-free, so that you can customize them to your and your family’s preference.

Making healthy happen.

Food You Love makes it all so practical and doable: Rorie’s healthful eating fundamentals; tips for planning, shopping for, and prepping breakfast, lunch, dinner, and special occasions; and super clear, easy-to-follow recipes.

Frequently asked questions

You might meet up with a few new ingredients, like coconut aminos (a soy sauce alternative) or cacao nibs (chunks of pure cacao that work instead of chocolate chips). But the bulk of ingredients are things you have and use already. It’s amazing how a few minor tweaks can bring up the quality of a recipe so much.

That’s exactly why this cookbook exists. It’s not about reinventing their tastebuds. It’s about working with what they like and making it using ingredients that are good for them. Like schnitzel, potato kugel, meatballs, and brownies. For me-time and special occasions, you’ll enjoy the more adventurous, gourmet-style recipes.

Yes! Simple, fresh, and easy are perfect descriptions for most of the recipes in this book. You’ll also find information on what you can make in bulk and store in the fridge or freezer, breakfasts you can make the night before, and lots more tips that you’ll find hugely helpful.

Believe it or not, the biggest section of this book is Desserts. (Rorie’s always saying, “What’s a balanced life without chocolate?”) So much of the philosophy of Full ‘N Free is helping people find what works for them. To that end, you’ll find options for different flours and sweeteners in some of the pastries, as well as ranges for the amounts you can use.

Yes. You will enjoy the many nut- and grain-free salads, soups, cooked veggie sides, breads, pastries, and dairy, fish, chicken and meat recipes in this book. Additionally, many of the recipes (including baked goods) that do call for nut flour, milk, or butter offer suggestions for nut-free alternatives in the ingredient list.

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Years ago, when I set out to make some big changes in my own life, I knew the only way to make my new lifestyle work for me was by making it work for my family, too. They motivated me to make food that wasn’t just healthy, but familiar, plentiful, and delicious, as well.
At the time, the one thing I wish someone could have given me was this book. Now that I’ve learned the ropes the hard way, I want to be that someone for you.
I’m so excited to share it all with you and yours.
Here’s to food that’s full, free, and fabulous!

– Rorie

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